10 Truths about Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant seekers must know below detailed information about the procedure, the cost of hair transplant, and its limitations.

1: Cost of Hair Transplant Will Not Only Dependent on Grafts Number

Cost of hair transplant surgery is always been a hot topic and a core element for patients. Usually, the concept is that cost of the procedure is based on grafts number those are needed for restoration. This approach is absolutely false and one aspect. There are some other factors that are involved in the indefinite cost of hair transplant surgery, mainly dependent on;

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  1. Skill and reputation of the surgeon
  2. Grafts number
  3. The technique applied for surgery
  4. Instruments quality for the surgery
  5. Hair Transplant team’s experience

2: Quality is Important than Quantity

Quality and quantity of grafts are equally important for optimal success of hair surgery but based on several facts we should focus on quality in order to deliver the best possible results. Quality grafts assure high success. Weak grafts have less survival and growth. The influence of most number or mega sessions can work for temporary coverage and may hurt someone finally. The patient must understand that ultimately he is seeking hair transplant for natural results. Your look is precious than anything. Don’t let anyone mislead you with the false stories of 4,000 and 5,000 grafts in a single day. You have right and ask if possible why do not present on ishrs.org or any international forums.

3: Result of Hair Transplant Surgery is Permanent

The process of result of hair surgery is lengthy and needs around 6 to 8 months to see final results. However, the result of a hair transplant is permanent and long-lasting. The transplanted hair will grow permanently and have no effect on DHT.

4: Every patient will heal differently

Doctors will tell you a certain time of healing and growth before the hair transplant. But every patient will heal differently following health conditions, age, and care. However, one week is considered an average healing period.

5: Hair Transplant is a Team Work

The hair transplant procedure is not a ONE man show and it’s teamwork. The doctor will do his job and hair transplant technicians will perform their job. Both have very important roles and responsibilities to perform a safe and result oriented surgery. In the procedure, we can’t underestimate the skills and work done by the medical nursing team.

6: Women Can Do Hair Transplant Too

Women are equally potential candidates for hair transplants and entertain natural results. Female with receding hairlines, wide forehead, and thinning happened by aging are good candidates for this procedure.

7: Substandard Hair Transplant Can lead Side Effects

If the hair transplant results are clearly noticeable that means it’s a performed by poor experienced team. In this case, results don’t look natural. Substandard transplants can cause scarring, bleeding, cyst, and headache.

8: Implanted Hair Falls out Temporarily

After 2/4 weeks of hair transplant surgery, the newly implanted hair will out following a due natural process. One’s immune system couldn’t recognize implanted hair so they fell down and the growth cycle starts after 3 months from the date of surgery.

9: Results Are Not Same Everywhere

Natural-looking results you can’t get from everywhere. Successful results of a hair transplant surgery can only be assured by the reputed clinics and experienced teams.

10: PRP Help Rapid Recovery and Improve Result

PRP accelerates growth in newly implanted hair as well as fasten the recovery time quicker. It has been observed that PRP helps reducing swelling, rapid healing, and increases the growth process for a better denser look.

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