Hair transplant is commonly popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because it provides natural and permanent solutions to hair loss sufferers.

Hair Clinic Dubai is a dedicated hair transplant clinic offers FUE Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Ajman and Fujairah locations. Our wide range of treatment options for hair loss problems makes our practice famous and unique. The clinic tailored personalized solutions based on the individual diagnosis.

Personalized Consultation

Clinic offers free in-person consultations to examine hair loss case and ideal treatment option for individuals. Male and female are encouraged to attend our consultations for a right choice and technique for hair transplant.

Here are 5 proven hair loss treatments available at our clinic;

1: Stem Cell Hair Restoration;

Stem cell treatment is a new research and advancement in hair loss industry. Researchers claim, in next few years stem cell will be the only and best treatment option for hair loss. Hair Clinic Dubai offers stem cell hair restoration. There are 2 types of stem cell treatments options available for hair loss. One option involves extraction of stem cell from the fat of the body and 2nd one allows from the blood of the patient. The first option has better results and more costly as well.

2: FUE Hair Transplant;

This option allows bald individuals to restore their lost hair to improve social appearance and look. FUE Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi is the most advanced techniques where one-by-one hair is extracted from the donor area (back of head) and placed naturally into bald zones. One can see very natural results in next 6 to 8 months post the treatment.

3; Plate-let-Rich Plasma;

This treatment uses patient’s own blood and centrifuges plate lets for growth and hair fall. Patient may need several treatments based on the advice of the doctor. PRP treatment is very effective and doesn’t contain side effect.

4: Meso-therapy;

This treatment can help individuals who are on early stage of hair loss. Patient may need multiple treatments together to achieve better results. Doctor may instruct patient meostherapy and PRP in a combination. The quantity and sessions of treatments are required with the intervals of weeks or months with the guidance of our plastic surgeon.

5: Medication;

Mostly men and women experience hair loss in twenties or thirties due to DHT hormones and other reasons such as thyroids, stress, nutrition and hormonal disorder. UAE climate and water conditions may trigger hair loss. Individual may need medicine to control hair loss based on the hair loss problem.  One should consult doctor for personalized diagnosis and better treatments option.

Hair Clinic Dubai offers proven hair loss and hair transplant in Abu Dbabi and rest Emirates.

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