The hair transplant industry has become the top cosmetic industry with Billions of annual revenue worldwide. This rapid growth is beneficial for people to experience the most advanced hair refurbishment treatments easily. However, it also gets the attention of the wrong people. These people see the hair transplant industry as a rapidly growing and profitable business. As a result, they want to have their share in the revenue. For that purpose, they have established the hair transplant black market. They have no interest in the patient’s health or wellbeing, and they only care about making money. Unfortunately, innocent customers can easily become their prey. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness among potential clients about these practitioners. Patients must be cautious during their screening at hair clinic. We will discuss here about that type of people so you can easily recognize them.

Detection of Black Market Operations:

Detecting the hair transplant black market in Dubai is relatively easier than it seems. All the patients have to do is be attentive during the screening and not go down into a hole. Hair clinic Dubai wants the patients to be well-informed and safe. Therefore, we will tell you about how to detect sheltered practitioners/clinics for hair transplants. ISHRS is the leading hair transplant authority in the world that offered the following tips for detecting black-market hair transplant providers.

Cheap Prices: 

Usually the black market hair transplant clinic offers cheaper prices to attract the patients.

Graft Counts:

These fraudulent providers often claim to extract and harvest a higher graft count.

No Fixed Rates:

Since the black-market hair transplant providers only care about the money, they have no fixed rates. In some cases, if they feel like losing a client, they even reduce their initial prices. However, no well-reputed clinic lowers its prices on the spot unless there is a discount offer or a special need.

Unlicensed/ Non Physicians:

The entire procedure is carried out by unlicensed non-medical or technicians. In most cases, patients don’t even see a doctor from initial consultation to the surgery.

Zero Moral Values:

Many hair transplant clinics at Dubai do not have any moral or ethical values. They bear no responsibility for the patient’s health and well-being.

Bad Advertisement:

Patients are being misled by false advertising. Advertising on facebook, google and instagram, with pictures and videos about hair transplant surgery making people deceive easily.

Hair transplant surgery is essential surgery. It requires a trained hair transplant surgeon that is practicing under a license in a regulated hair transplant clinic.

Care Quality Commission:

Going to a hair transplant clinic that has a Surgeon who is registered and operates in a CQC (Care Quality Commission) standard position is incredibly important. This means that as a patient, you can feel safe that you are being treated by a Surgeon who is regulated by a larger organization Dubai hair clinics are the best hair transplant clinics that are proud to provide exceptional highly trained team of hair restoration professionals provides chief frame hair transplant services at Dubai, that are personalized to the individual needs of each and every client. By utilizing the latest technologies in hair transplants and hair loss treatments, our cosmetic procedures in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Bottom Line:

The hair transplant black market is rapidly growing in Dubai and patients must be aware of the complications that they can cause. In order to stay safe, patients must be cautious during their search for the right hair transplant surgeon or clinic.  They shouldn’t make a rushed decision about finding the hair transplant at Dubai, which they will regret later.