5 Advanced & Proven Hair Loss Treatments in Abu Dhabi

Hair transplant is commonly popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because it provides natural and permanent solutions to hair loss sufferers.Hair Clinic Dubai is a dedicated hair transplant clinic offers FUE Hair Transplant in Abu

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Is Hair Transplant permanent? How does it work?

No matters, which medical condition you are facing, but hair loss is very upsetting issue. There are various reasons for a hair loss, which includes, heredity problem, scalp or dandruff problems or because of chemotherapy

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What are the Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

Hair is continually growing and shedding. Every day, the average person loses between 50 and 100 stands, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Only when this number exceeds the 100 mark is it considered

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Top 10 Questions About Hair Transplantation

Q 1: What is Hair Transplantation? Hair transplantation is a natural process of shifting healthy hair follicles form back of the head to any balding or hairless area.   Q 2: Is the result of

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10 Foods to Control Your Hair Loss

Hair Clinic Dubai is a promising hair loss and hair transplant specialty. We always take pride sharing information that help hair loss solutions. There is no guarantee way to prevent hair loss. A good diet

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Why is Hair Transplant Consultation Important?

Why is Hair Transplant Consultation Important? Every single hair loss case is unique and not all individuals will receive the same result of hair transplant surgery. From thinning hair to receding hairline there are different