Hair Clinic Dubai offers the most advanced and less invasive FUE hair transplant. We have a very successful track record and achieved highest satisfaction by delivering excellent results.

We believe that the procedure of FUE Hair Transplant is a combination of art and medical together. Our state of the art specialized FUE procedures are less-invasive and comparatively scar-less. We are dedicated in quality treatments rather quantity. 



Grafts Harvesting:

The donor individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of head after administration of local anesthesia into the back head. We use customized punches for grafts removal to achieve most natural outcome of the surgery. These high-quality grafts are stored in a solutions of added growth factors. in a result, hair follicles get nutrition before hair transplantation in new place.

Grafts Inspections:

The grafts quality and size plays vital role in hair regrowth. Therefore, our expert fue hair transplant surgeon inspects hair follicles under the microscope to guarantee quality. Our team assures the quality to reach high growth and density.


Sites Making and Grafts Implantation:

At this stage patient will receive another round of local anesthesia in the recipient area. Once the required area is numbed, our expert hair transplant surgeon will make the tiny incisions. The angle, size and direction of the sites are very important as they are responsible for future look and growth. Our expert hair transplant technicians place the grafts at perfect angle, direction and fit to size to assure high growth of newly hair follicles.

Grafts Examination for Correct Position:

Once the team insert all grafts into created sites, our surgeon examines and double check for the grafts position and direction. The surgeon provides written and verbal post-operative instructions. The patient is provided a surgical cap to cover the newly treated area.


How long will it take to grow new hair after fue hair transplant?

The transplanted hair follicles will fall out in a few weeks post-FUE hair procedure and will start natural re-growth after 3 months. After 3 months the patient can notice new hair growth in the same fashion as natural and after 6 months he/she can observe very good results. However, one may need to wait a year for more dense growth after fue hair transplant.

How long is recovery period for FUE hair transplant?

The patient is able to do physical activities next day of the treatment however, he can expect swelling in 48 hours. This swelling is absolutely temporary and will release automatically in next 2/3 days. Patient is advised to take antibiotic for 5 days.

Is FUE hair transplant painful?

FUE hair restoration is a procedure that done under local anesthesia. The patient can expect minor pain of needle pricks used for anesthetic, however, once anesthesia is administrated there is no pain in the whole procedure of fue hair transplant procedure. Our specialized team first of all applies anesthetic cream to minimize in order to process a pain-free experience for our clients.

Does newly grown hair looks natural after fue hair transplant?

FUE transplant allows individual hair extraction from the back of the head to implant in the hairless area. These hair grow extremely natural. What you need to do is to identify an expert team and reputed clinic that offers a professional approach instead of commercial.

How much density/thickness can a patient expect realistically?

Density is always challenging and dependent on 2 major factors;

A: Donor hair quality and thickness

B: Influence of the team expertise.

This is the most crucial question asked from the patients before hair transplantation. Our team is professionally trained to educate them with fair and honest information about fue hair transplant. One can’t expect a density we use to wear in our teen age but a very reasonable thick look can be achieved after fue hair transplant

At Hair Clinic Dubai, our objective is natural-looking outcome through hair transplantation journey. We offer natural, richer, denser, and thicker results.


The individuals facing below hair loss conditions and problems are good candidates for FUE hair transplant procedure;

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Hairline Receding /Lowering
  • Eyebrow /Eyelash Transplantation
  • Crown FUE Hair Transplant
  • Density Enhancement
  • Corrective Hair Transplant
  • Beard/ Facial FUE Hair Transplant
  • Scars occurred due to cosmetic surgeries or old strip hair transplant
  • Accident scars or injuries