Hair Clinic Dubai offers gold standard  FUT hair transplant in Dubai. The process of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is considered to remove a thin tissue of skin from the back of head and then both edges unite together applying sutures. Our expert team uses microscopes for dissection and separation of individual follicles to transplant into hairless region of scalp or body. Our FUT surgery is performed by world best hair transplant surgeons under local anesthesia.



Donor Strip Harvesting:

After marking and trimming the donor area, our hair transplant surgeon will take a narrow layer of skin. This minor surgical step is done under local. The both edges of skin are closed with a simple running stitch. The stitched area will be invisible covered by existing hair and patient will be called after a week to ten days for removal of these sutures. Patient can comb over the donor sutured area.

Grafts Dissection and Inspection:

Our team dissect the piece of skin under microscopes for the individual units of hair follicles those exist in 1-4 hair. These follicle units are stored in bio-life solutions to preserve the viability and quality. Once the grafts are prepared, our hair transplant surgeon inspects all hair follicles to ensure the quality and best yield.


Sites Creation and Insertion of Hair Follicles:

Before the grafts placement, our doctor considers another round of local anesthesia in the region where hair need to be transplantation. The sites will be made following accurate size, angle and direction in recipient area. Then our highly skilled team will insert hair follicles into these created sites.

Hair Follicle Examination for the Correct Position:

Once team put all hair follicles into sites, our hair transplant surgeon will examine the position and angle of the inserted grafts. He will explain to patient post-surgery verbal and written instructions. A surgical cap will be provided to cover transplanted and donor areas.


Final Hair Growth:

Transplanted follicles will start natural re-growth, growing in the same fashion as one’s native hair. However, the restored hair will fall out after couple of weeks of transplantation and will pass a resting phase of around 3 months. Approximately in 6 months person can observe very good growth around 1, 2 or 3 cm in length depending on individual’s growth rate. Every person’s hair grows differently depending upon factors such as; age, diet, hormones, metabolism, weight, ethnicity and medications.