No matters, which medical condition you are facing, but hair loss is very upsetting issue. There are various reasons for a hair loss, which includes, heredity problem, scalp or dandruff problems or because of chemotherapy etc. Losing hair will decrease your confident levels and degrades your self-esteem.

But in reality hair loss is the most common problem and occurrence, which so many people are suffering with. There are many hair restoring techniques to reestablish your loss hair, such as using various hair therapies, surgeries, hair weaving techniques etc. But, before opting to any type of treatment or therapy, one should have a good knowledge about which method of treatment is suitable for their hair and scalp.

What are the conditions need to be satisfied for the hair transplant treatment?

Before opting hair transplant treatment one should know,

  • Is the hair transplant treatment is permanent or not?
  • Will you get natural look, after the hair transplant treatment?
  • Treatment is cost effective or not?
  • Less side effects and minimum pain

Is hair transplant permanent?

For every cosmetic related treatments results may depend on various factors and they may vary widely. But among all the factors, results depend largely on,

  • The surgeon which you are going to select. You need to choose a doctor who has great experience on handling hair loss treatments and performs hair transplants regularly. They will let you know, whether you are a right person to opt hair transplant treatment.
  • The hair transplantation technique which surgeon is going to perform.

Based on these two main criteria, patients may get permanent outcomes as well as natural-looking results.

By taking reference from the above discussion, nowadays the most used hair transplant treatment which is widely used and having permanent outcomes are:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

These are the most advanced hair treatments which are performed widely in Hair Clinic Dubai, which is internationally renowned hair transplant Dubai clinic particularly specialized in hair restoration techniques and advanced hair loss solutions. Hair Clinic Dubai has highest success rate with great patient satisfaction with permanent results.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE Hair Transplant combinational procedure of both art and medical, which results in hair growth in hairless areas on scalp. This procedure is totally less-invasive and scar-less. This procedure is suitable for the patients which are suffering with male and female baldness, hair density enhancement, eyebrows or eyelashes transplantation, crown hair transplantation etc.

How it works

  1. This FUE procedure initially starts by giving local anesthesia, then Grafts harvesting will be done, in which donor hair follicles will be extracted from backside of the donor head. Customized punches will be used for graft removal for natural outcome. After removal of high-quality grafts, these will be preserved in growth factors solution, in which hair follicles will get all required nutrition before transplantation.
  2. Then Grafts Inspections will be done, in which grafts quality and size will be taken into consideration for hair regrowth. Hair transplant surgeon will check the quality and assures the quality for high growth.
  3. Next step is Sites Making and Grafts Implantation, in this phase patient will receive 2nd dose of local anesthesia in recipient area. Then hair surgeon will make tiny incisions, then hair transplant technicians will place the grafts at perfect angle, direction and exactly fits to the size, thereby high growth of hair follicles will be assured.
  4. Then Grafts Examination for Correct Position will be examine and double checked. Patient will be given a surgical cap to cover the operated area.
  5. The final step is the Hair Growth Cycle, the transplanted hair follicles will fall in few weeks after the procedure, and again start regrowth after 3 months. After 6 months patient can observe very good results with good hair density.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT hair transplant (Follicular Unit Transplant) is a procedure also performed under local anesthesia, in this procedure removal of thin tissue of skin from backside of head and then unite the edges with sutures will be done. Hair follicles are dissection and separation and transplanted into hairless region of scalp or even body. The whole procedure is done by most expertized and renowned surgeons in our Hair Clinic Dubai.

How it works

  1. Donor Strip Harvesting is the initial step, where hair transplant surgeon will take a narrow layer of skin, which was done under local anesthesia. Both edges of skin will be closed with sutures. This stitched area or donor sutured area will be invisible after a week.
  2. Then Grafts Dissection and Inspection will be done, surgeon will dissect the piece of skin to extract individual units of hair follicles. These hair follicles will be stored in bio-life solutions to preserve. After grafts are prepared, hair transplant surgeon will inspect all hair follicles to ensure the quality and best yield.
  3. Sites Creation and Insertion of Hair Follicles, before placement of grafts, surgeon will administrate another round of local anesthesia in the treatment region (where hair transplantation is to be done). Then insertion of hair follicles will be performed into these created sites.
  4. Hair Follicle Examination for the Correct Position, once hair follicles are inserted into sites, surgeon will examine the exact position and angle of inserted grafts. A surgical cap will be given to the patient to cover transplanted and donor areas.
  5. Final step or Final Hair Growth, all the transplanted hair follicles will start grow natural or re-growth. But the restored hair will fall out after some days of transplantation and after 3 months hair will start regrow. Approximately after 6 months person can observe good density of hair depending on individual’s growth rate.