We, at Hair Clinic Dubai, offer the best hair transplant procedures to both men and women, who suffer from balding, thinning or loss of hair in few areas of the scalp. We do a detailed examination of the person’s scalp and identify the ‘donor site’ and the ‘recipient site’ before hair transplant. The donor site is usually located at the back of the head where there is voluminous hair growth. Hair follicles that have high chances of transplant survival are extracted for implantation to the recipient site. During a hair transplant, the recipient site is shaved for the follicles to be implanted. The hair transplant surgeon should be experienced and skillful to make tiny incisions at the recipient site that match the person’s natural hair growth pattern as we do at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai. This gives natural-looking results and shows no signs of implantation. He carefully places the new follicles to the recipient site by paying attention to the depth and angle of each follicle. He also ensures that the recipient site is completely covered with new follicles.

This method of hair transplant at our clinic in Dubai is minimally invasive and requires no stitches. The incisions made at the recipient site are very small that there are almost no scars. The recovery and healing may take up to 7 days. The hair transplant surgeon at our hair transplant facility in Dubai will give you instructions for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve the best possible results. As the new follicles are taken from your scalp, there are no chances for an infection or complication after the hair transplant. It gives you a healthy scalp with naturally growing hair in areas that were either bald or with lesser hair earlier.

The hair transplant surgeons at Hair Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Dubai, will analyze the intensity of hair loss at the recipient site. After that, he will suggest the treatment options suitable for you, the number of grafts that you may need, and the cost of hair transplant based on these factors.