Hair loss at a young age has emerged as one of the most common issues faced by men and women across the globe. It has consequently resulted in the development of various methods and techniques for hair regrowth. In this context, Turkish hair transplant has gained much popularity as an effective way of resolving this problem. This method of hair transplantation is essentially based on follicular unit extraction or FUE, and Turkey was one of the first places where it was performed. While several cosmetic care centers in Dubai claim to offer this facility, aspiring patients should choose only the best hair transplant Dubai clinics for getting the procedure done.

A Brief Overview Of Turkish Hair Transplant

As mentioned before, Turkish hair transplant employs the technique of FUE, which is an expensive process and requires the great expertise of the surgeon to provide the desired results. The procedure involves the extraction of a hair follicle from a donor location and its transplantation on the recipient site. This method of hair transplant is a minimally invasive and extremely safe treatment for hair loss. One of the key reasons behind its popularity is that it leaves minimal scars and also has a shorter recovery time as compared to other treatment options. The expert surgeons from the best hair transplant Dubai clinics perform the procedure under a local anesthetic, which numbs out only the donor and recipient areas.

Reasons To Get The Procedure Done In Dubai

The popularity of Dubai as the preferred destination for getting the hair transplant procedure done has increased significantly over the past several years. The key reasons that have been responsible for this enhanced popularity are discussed in brief as follows.

A Wide Choice Of International Standard Hospitals And Clinics

Dubai offers a great choice of hospitals and clinics for people seeking the best hair transplant facility. The city boasts of several world-class hospitals and clinics that are fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to perform the procedure most effectively. Most importantly, the best hair transplant Dubai hospitals and clinics adhere strictly to the various regulations of performing the procedure to minimize any risks associated with the same.

Availability Of Qualified And Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons

The easy availability of qualified and experienced surgeons for performing Turkish hair transplant is another major reason that makes Dubai a hot spot for getting this procedure done. Given the stringent medical regulations in prevalent in Dubai, the chances of coming across an inexperienced or fraudulent surgeon in this field are quite low. Moreover, with an expert surgeon performing the surgery, the chances of complications during the procedure lessen quite significantly.

Assurance Of Best Service at Affordable Prices

The cost of getting the Turkish hair regrowth treatment done in most western countries is quite high. However, the clinics in Dubai offer the same quality services at a significantly lower price as compared to most western countries. Even the best clinics offering this service tend to cost way lesser than an average clinic in a major European city. Thus getting the hair transplant procedure done in Dubai proves to be an extremely cost-effective option for individuals with limited resources.

Choosing The Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Dubai boasts of countless clinics offering Turkish hair transplant facilities to desirous clients. This naturally makes the task of choosing the best clinic quite difficult. The best way to simplify the task is by considering the below-listed aspects before finalizing a clinic.

Learn about the medical infrastructure offered by the clinic.

Seek detailed information about the qualification and expertise of the surgeons performing the procedure.

Gain information about the kind of pre and post-surgical care offered to the patients by the clinic.
Patients should verify the complete costs of the procedure charged by the clinic.